Goshenite with mica Beryl Afghanistan

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colorless beryl on mica
Pegamtite field Kunar province Afghanistan
Goshenite crystals
Size approx 50 x 40 x 20 mm
Crystal size approx 12 x15  mm
Crystal with nice end faces 


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Goshenit mit Glimmer Beryll Afghanistan Goshenit mit Glimmer Beryll Afghanistan
180.00 €
Delivery weight: 1 kg
Blue Beryll Aquamarine Afghanistan Blue Beryll Aquamarine Afghanistan
4,000.00 €
Delivery weight: 1,000 g
Aquamarine Afghanistan Blue Beryl Aquamarine Afghanistan Blue Beryl
300.00 €
Delivery weight: 1 kg
go15 go15
95.00 €
Delivery weight: 1 kg
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